Graffiti Printer Uses Arduino & Seven Mounted Spray Cans [Video] @PSFK


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Super Mario wall, Lisbon

Malasaña, the best agreement between street artists and merchants


Beautiful store exterior, Madrid.

I love this subway billboard takeover



Your Move by Radya – Seen On The Streets Of Ekaterinburg

Wooster Collective

Roa in Mexico #streetart #graf

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Google street art view: great idea, not quite there yet (mostly because Street View pics are so out-of-date)

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NYCDOT – Urban Art Program

The Urban Art Program is an initiative to invigorate the City’s streetscapes with engaging temporary art installations. As part of the World Class Streets initiative, art will help foster more vibrant and attractive streets and offer the public new ways to experience New York City’s streetscapes.

DOT will partner with community-based organizations to install temporary murals, sculpture, and other installations in plazas, and on medians, triangles, sidewalks, jersey barriers and construction fences. DOT will also work with organizations/artists on temporary art projections and lighting projects in plazas and on appropriate bridges (masonry on sides of bridges), viaducts, and archways, as well as performance art and musical and theatrical performances in plazas and DOT ferry terminals.

Organizations or organization-artist teams are invited to apply to one of the three Urban Art Program tracks:

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