Walkley Media Conference 2010: What’s the story?

I’m speaking at the Walkley Conference this Wednesday August 11:

PANEL: What is originality?
Time: 4.20 – 5.10
Are there any truly original ideas left in the world? Is originality over-rated? Or does true creativity lie in reinterpreting age-old ideas? With the way that technology and media are moving, when does a mash-up, remix or homage become plagiarism? What are the implications for copyright and intellectual property in a world where anyone and everyone can and will collaborate?

The panel is chaired by Chris Warren, Federal Secretary of the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, and also includes Sophie Cunningham, editor of Meanjin, and journalist Malcolm Knox.

I think my contribution will be to lower the tone and be a bit more pop-cultural… so I’m talking about I Can Haz Cheeseburger. Could be a disaster.

Iron Designer at the Powerhouse Museum

On Friday night I had a lot of fun as one of the judges of Iron Designer at the Powerhouse Museum, as part of Sydney Design 2010.