System D: the shadow economy

In 2009, the OECD concluded that half the world’s workers (almost 1.8 billion people) were employed in the shadow economy. By 2020, the OECD predicts the shadow economy will employ two-thirds of the world’s workers.

This new economy even has a name: “System D.”

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India: Satara renames its ‘unwanted’ girls

“Unwanted” is what 265 girls in Satara district were called until today. In a public renaming ceremony held on Saturday, all the girls got rid of the name “Nakoshi” meaning unwanted in Marathi, and hopefully, the humiliation that came with it.

Owing to a “tradition” that reflects gender bias, several parents in the region have named their third or fourth daughter Nakoshi, in the hope that the next child will be a boy. In a recent survey, district health officials realised that this was a rampant practice in Satara. In a bid to undo the damage, and spread awareness about protecting the girl child, the district administration organised a public event to rename and honour the girls.

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