Exhibition of work by Oz art director Jim Anderson Lampoon – An Historical Art Trajectory (1970-2010) – on now at tinsheds gallery

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Oz is one of the few things that makes me wish I had been born 30 years earlier. One of the most controversial, funny and truly cool things to come out of Australia, it broke all the rules and launched the careers of some of our most brilliant artists, critics and writers (including one Bob Ellis – I will have to quiz him on that point).

This exhibition at Sydney University’s tin sheds gallery brings together collages by Oz art director Jim Anderson Lampoon. I’m definitely going, hoping that some of the genius and damn-it-all recklessness rubs off on me.

This makes me miss making magazines (a lot).

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BBC – collective – killoffer ‘six hundred and seventy-six apparitions of killoffer’