Atelieri O.Haapala



Tonight I met Saara from Atelieri O.Haapala at Helsinki Design Week open studios, and she showed us her Neo-Victorian cabinet cards and photographs… You can find more at

Abandoned Berlin



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I learned to ride a bike today. And I went to Zeitlos Schön at CO Berlin.

From Zeitlos Schön at CO Berlin by sohotrightnow

From Zeitlos Schön at CO Berlin, a photo by sohotrightnow on Flickr.

It is one of the best fashion photography exhibitions I’ve seen.

Diane Arbus at Martin-Gropius-Bau



Subway | Timemachine Magazine



mathias sterner photographs bent wire masks by nor autonom

Martine Franck. Bibliothèque pour enfants, Clamart, France, 1965

a sovereign state of self involvement/adrift in the pacific/impassive as the idle and impassioned alike/drown in the roaring thirties

image: Noemie Goudal line: me

Turn, look up/through the gritty window: an unexplored/wilderness of wires

Photo: Transit, Katrin Koenning.
Line: Margaret Atwood, A Bus Along St Clair: December

I sit and watch it with you/your hair so near/the dark whorl of your ear

Photo: Boogie
Line: Ivy Alvarez

the paper-boy drive-by/cuts a deadly arc/through the sleeping dark

- image by Todd Hido line by me.

yellow lamps warm the reluctant sky/coaxing forth a silver morning

image via

Photographer Hal: Shrink-Wrapped Couples



100-Year-Old Color Photos from the Russian Empire


Photo essay: The 7 Fastest-Growing Cities in the World


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William Eggleston. Outskirts of Morton, Mississippi, Halloween. 1971


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Original Goths in 20 Scenes From A Mall In 1990


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Genius of the day: Charlotte Perriand


“The extension of the art of dwelling is the art of living – living in harmony with man’s deepest drives and with his adopted or fabricated environment.”


Breathtaking YSL campaign



Excited to see brilliant #photographer Garry Trinh is in a new exhibition (curated by Tom Polo) at Blacktown Arts Centre

Find out more about the exhibition here.

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Kirsten Hively documents New York’s fading neon glory

- from GOOD

Kim Keever’s dreamy tanks and dramatic constructed landscapes

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I was mesmerised from the moment I saw Kim Keever’s work, in a talk by the director of the Museum of Arts and Design (NYC). I missed the name, or got the spelling so wrong I couldn’t find anything on him till just now. This video gives an insight into how he crafts these dramatic, epic images – recalling a land before time – relying on algae, bubbles, lighting and the human need to see our world in dreamscapes.

Newsha Tavakolian’s “Listen” series: images for female singers without a voice in Iran

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Newsha Tavakolian, 1981, Iran, is a self-taught photographer. Her work has been published in magazines as Time Magazine, Newsweek and Stern. Her main focus lies on women’s issues. She started out as a photojournalist, covering stories in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon amongst others. Slowly her work has shifted towards a more documentary and creative approach. In her series “listen”, she photographed six female singers who are not allowed to sing solo, perform in public or produce CD’s due to the Islamic tenets. She then created six images and turned them into CD covers for these singers. As a statement she left the CD cases empty. Newsha’s portfolio is filled with interesting stories. The following images come from “listen” and Mother of Martyrs.

Sarah Moon: major survey show at Stockholm’s Fotografiska

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