How to Apply 2 – Design Symposium 2010

On Friday, I’ll be speaking at
“>“How to Apply 2 – Design Symposium 2010″

Design (Thinking) And Business
A Sydney Design 2010 Event

It’s a great initiative from Billy Blue, an annual opportunity to discuss the future of design, what we should be teaching tomorrow’s designers, and how we can bring art to business and business to art… I’m excited, but also a little terrified, as I am the last speaker of the day and it’s a 25 minute talk.

DESIS NETWORK | Design for social innovation and sustainability

DESIS is a network of schools of design and other schools, institutions, companies and non-profit organizations interested in promoting and supporting design for social innovation and sustainability. It is a light, no-profit organization, conceived as a network of partners collaborating in a peer-to-peer spirit.It is articulated in several DESIS-Local (that are sub-networks within a specified local area). DESIS-International is therefore the framework where the different DESIS-Local coordinate themselves and where some global initiatives are taken.
DESIS-China aims to actively support design initiatives and projects in the field of design for social innovation and sustainability in China. That is, in the fields of the ecological reconversion of production and consumption systems, the social construction of services, and the balanced development of local areas. (more)

GOBELINS – English version

GOBELINS – English version