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How to Apply 2 – Design Symposium 2010

On Friday, I’ll be speaking at
“>“How to Apply 2 – Design Symposium 2010″

Design (Thinking) And Business
A Sydney Design 2010 Event

It’s a great initiative from Billy Blue, an annual opportunity to discuss the future of design, what we should be teaching tomorrow’s designers, and how we can bring art to business and business to art… I’m excited, but also a little terrified, as I am the last speaker of the day and it’s a 25 minute talk.

Tokyo’s urban design role | The Japan Times Online

When governments and corporations are able to connect with residents' passions and potential for action, Tokyo can become an urban forest with a thriving ecosystem where the health of soil, plants, animals and people are deeply intertwined. In the leap from last century's industrial economy to a sustainable future, Japan is poised for an outsized role on the world stage. By focusing on habitats and culture, Tokyo can become a model for a new balance between people and nature in 21st century urban life.

A Place Is Better Than a Plan by Andrew M. Manshel, City Journal 19 October 2009

Small changes are appealing for many reasons. They’re cheap, for one thing. Also, what works can be easily expanded, and what doesn’t work can be as easily terminated or altered. One successful food concession can become two; an unsuccessful stall selling local crafts can be replaced; a planter made from a material that discolors or chips can be replaced with a better one. Contrast that with grand schemes, which can attract broad opposition and be subject to complex political, logistical, and financial obstacles. Once an elaborate design has been committed to, backing away from it—or even altering it—becomes both politically and mechanically complicated. Further, planners have a limited capacity to predict how people will respond to their designs. The larger the project, the more likely unintended consequences become, and the more difficult it is to change course.