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Also, get well soon Timba Smits. You are one of those real Aussie legends.

‘proyecciones en el exterior’ by Spanish artist Ibon Mainar

Pakistani Art in ‘The Rising Tide,’ a Show in Karachi

The artist Abdullah Syed, for example, assembled a fleet of drones — the pilotless American aircraft that fire missiles at militants in Pakistan’s tribal areas — constructed from the blades of box cutters, the very instruments used by some of the 9/11 attackers. They float on wires just above the viewer’s head, the silvery blades shimmering menacingly in bright light.

A second fleet of drones is constructed from dollar bills folded into the shape of the planes and stapled together in circular patterns that resemble those of an oriental carpet. Called the “Flying Rug,” the paper fleet casts an ominous shadow on a nearby wall.

Mr. Syed, one of several artists in the show pursuing a career abroad, teaches at the University of New South Wales in Australia. “I’m always navigating ideas between the West and here,” he said, perched on a ladder as he hung his killer fleets. The “Flying Rug” takes sides: “I’m saying, ‘To hell with Uncle Sam.’ ”

- from a story by Jane Perlez in nytimes.com

NYCDOT – Urban Art Program

The Urban Art Program is an initiative to invigorate the City’s streetscapes with engaging temporary art installations. As part of the World Class Streets initiative, art will help foster more vibrant and attractive streets and offer the public new ways to experience New York City’s streetscapes.

DOT will partner with community-based organizations to install temporary murals, sculpture, and other installations in plazas, and on medians, triangles, sidewalks, jersey barriers and construction fences. DOT will also work with organizations/artists on temporary art projections and lighting projects in plazas and on appropriate bridges (masonry on sides of bridges), viaducts, and archways, as well as performance art and musical and theatrical performances in plazas and DOT ferry terminals.

Organizations or organization-artist teams are invited to apply to one of the three Urban Art Program tracks:

Site to Site

roman ondák at the temporary stedelijk

slovakian artist roman ondák’s project is a living infographic, a plotting of visitors’ heights whose mean will become increasingly apparent over the four months at the temporary stedelijk. in some ways, ondák’s work reflects the great challenge of the museum as a vehicle of history.

individuals must and will emerge, and artists will resurrect and bring to the surface those narratives marginalized and forgotten by the nation or the institution.

- from designboom.com

21st Century Bonfire

- from psfk.com


… and I still expect to be deferred to
To get in free with a crowd
So I don’t go to places where I have to pay
Sure I miss out on a lot but there was a time
When every doorman in town knew me as an ornament
Wherever I stood
Even though I’m not on the A list anymore
And don’t even get invited to the B parties
I’m still treated well where being
A former underground movie star
Still carries a little weight
I can still turn on the charm
And find a small but enthusiastic audience
Where the star of a more elegant time
Is still appreciated once in a while
By the fossil hunters
I am no longer sought after by the great hostesses
The truth is I don’t care anymore
I’ve seen them come and go
The addresses change but the guest list
Remains the same
The rich are the worst
And the very rich the very worst
They only want the Nobel Prize winners
The Academy Award winners
They are like little kids when they meet someone famous
Or someone even more rich then them
Because the dreams of the poor are only exaggerated
into the grotesque by the rich
Yes those great hostesses who purport to be lion tamers
End up being nothing but head hunters
Laughed at behind their backs
But who wouldn’t
Yeah, it’s a vulgar sprint for the famous
And the nouveau cute who feed to them
All those pretty young kids thrown to the vampires
Some vanish and the lucky ones
Become vampires themselves
I didn’t – that’s all
It’s all right to joke about it
But my stomach turns when I have to wait
In line outside some posh nightspot
And watch my poor friends led like tugboats
While one of those drunken fiends
Prods them into a limousine
What will it get them?
A few grants for a pathetic art project?
This year’s pet? Society’s darling?
You think they’d say “Hi” to try to get me in
But it Le Monde, dearie
You know who you are
All you sycophants and grant hustlers
I will never apply for a grant
Let me starve!
I must look out for my biography
I may be a pariah but I am still
And always will be a living legend
I’d rather starve

Listen to him read ‘Rene Ricard, Famous at 20′ (2:53)<

- from Dennis Cooper’s blog.

tom fruin: kolonihavehus

- fromdesignboom.com

Factory Magazine Dot Com.

Factory Magazine Dot Com.

The Dangerous Book For Boys

I visited this exhibition, by James Franco at the Clocktower Gallery, NYC, on July 15.

i wish i could figure out what has to be done


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I visited Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other, at the New Museum in NYC.

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:: andy gilmore :: design ::

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