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      YEJ series electromagnetic brake motor


      The full name of YEJ motor is YEJ series electromagnetic three-phase asynchronous brake motor (hereinafter referred to as YEJ series electromagnetic brake motor). It is a three-phase asynchronous motor with totally enclosed, self-fan cooling, squirrel-cage type additional DC electromagnet brake. It is attached between the rear end cover of the Y series motor and the fan

      DC disc electromagnetic brake is a derivative of Y series.

      Scope of application

      It is applicable to all kinds of machinery requiring fast braking, accurate positioning, reciprocating operation, frequent starting and braking, as the main transmission and auxiliary transmission

      Mechanical equipment used. For example: electric valve, rubber chemical machinery, metal processing machine tool, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, food machinery, chemical machinery, textile machinery, construction machinery, gear reducer, etc.


      The brake is reliable, the brake torque is adjustable, the rotor has no axial movement, and is easy to use.

      Standard type

      The motor meets the requirements of JB/T6428-92.

      The rated voltage of the motor is 380V, the rated frequency is 50HZ, the enclosure protection class is IP44, the brake is IP23, the cooling method is IC411, the reference working system is continuous working system SI, and the insulation class is B.

      Principle and structure

      The DC disc brake of YEJ type brake motor is installed on the end cover of the non-shaft extension end of the motor. When the brake motor is connected to the power supply, the brake also works at the same time. Because of the electromagnetic attraction, the electromagnet attracts the armature and compresses the spring, the brake disc is separated from the armature and end cover, and the motor starts to rotate continuously. When the power supply is cut off, the brake electromagnet loses the electromagnetic attraction, and the spring pushes the armature to press the brake disc. Under the action of the friction torque, the motor immediately stops rotating.

      Installation type

      B3: The base is equipped with feet, and the end cover is not convex.

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