Berlin S-Bahn Ghost Stations


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M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Moerder





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Happy Endings :: Mar 24th, 2012 :: Machinedrum (Live) from wearemansion on Vimeo.

Jan Švankmajer – Dimensions of Dialogue (Možnosti Dialogu) (1982)


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Machinedrum. Yaam, Berlin.

Machinedrum. Yaam, Berlin. by sohotrightnow

Machinedrum. Yaam, Berlin., a photo by sohotrightnow on Flickr.

Rick Alverson: "The Comedy"

Thurs 14 and Sat 16


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The mighty ocean When it’s frozen That is your heart

Building Facades Of The Future Will Display Music And Video Art



Misfits – a graphic adventure



Believe in Sherlock



Cab Calloway – Minnie The Moocher (1942)


The Box Tiger – Little Letters


This Summer Deadbeat mixtape is awesome

Deadbeat Summer Mixtape by Happy End_ings

John Cassavetes: To Risk Everything To Express It All

GoGoGo Airheart – When the Flesh Hits.

Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong – The Blues Are Brewin

UVA: Connection, Toronto

Connection from United Visual Artists on Vimeo.

- from

The Raincoats: proof that awesome gets better with age


I love The Raincoats, so I was thrilled to find a flyer announcing a show in Brooklyn. At first I thought it must be a new band with the same name, because I didn’t think they’d played in about 25 years… thankfully, awesome reunions are still in vogue.

What a show. The venue, Warsaw, might be my favourite in all of Brooklyn/NYC – a beautiful Polish community club at the bottom of Greenpoint, built in 1914, with a stunning olde-timey ballroom that must have fit over 500 people. After the strange No Bra opener (she lived up to the name, and didn’t wear a shirt or pants either. Hmm.), support act Grass Widow were tons of fun, and then the grande dames themselves took the stage. It made me think about how older women are almost invisible in our culture, and why it’s so rare to see older women rocking out – seeing Patti Smith a couple of years ago was the only instance I could think of. We’re all the poorer because of it.

The Raincoats sounded as fresh and punky and cross as ever, sweet one minute, pissed off the next. I hope I can be as awesome as them when I grow up.

Timelapse video, the making of Nicolas Pol’s “Sick Atavus of the New Blood”

Awesome animation by Mark Whalen, “White Out”.

from Mark Whalen on Vimeo.

My Meds by Natalie Bookchin

My Meds – Natalie Bookchin from natalieb on Vimeo.

NIME 2011 | New Interfaces for Musical Expression | 30 May – 1 June, Oslo, Norway


David Cameron likes The Smiths? Heaven knows they’re miserable now

Snippets of new Seekae album…

- from Seekae

Sound-modulated projection


- from 1024 on Vimeo.