We can fight for science by being cool with the idea that it’s not our jobs to be an encyclopaedia, and it’s not our job to present a balanced view. Artists are supposed to be intuitive and feeling, so they should be encouraged to find things that make them feel strong emotions and try to channel that without worrying about coming across as biased or filtering it through a rational mindset. The instinct to qualify what you’re saying is characteristic of scientists, and those sections of the media with any integrity, because they don’t want to be proven wrong. But most media outlets have financial interests outside of presenting an even or scientific view, so impartiality isn’t on the cards – it’s up to the arts to do what it can to balance that out. The arts has always been the best way to communicate the beauty and the terror of science, so we just need to play to people’s emotions on topics we feel strongly about. And we do that by yelling as loud as we can.