LISTEN > Tao Lin on Taipei, the face-down generation, and romance


Tao Lin‘s latest book is the novel Taipei – the sixth after releases such as Eeee Eee Eeee, Shoplifting From American Apparel and Richard Yates. He’s also described at the ritalin kid – his style is almost autistic, stitled and inspired by the dry short wit of a twitter post but his writing is also beautiful, haunting and careful as much as it is detached and isolating.

He is a writer who is everywhere at the moment and he speaks to us live from Brisbane. Tao will also be joining Wilfred Brandt at Alaska Projects this Wednesday, 7pm.


LISTEN > Junior Gazette on their favourite creative place – Lewisham Officeworks

This is by Junior Gazette and I have decided I want to be their BFF.

Our producer Andy met up with Emma, Anwyn and Tim from Junior Gazette at Lewisham Officeworks. Somehow, the topic drifted from The Smiths to zinemaking and where the photocopiers will go after the apocalypse.

Junior Gazette’s studio space is at 91 Railway Parade, Marrickville, where they run the Dexter Fletcher Feminist Film Club. Next film showing is Dreams of A Life on Sunday September 8, you can head along for $5.


LISTEN > Rick Benger on Laneway Learning


Rick Benger dropped by the studio to introduce us to Laneway Learning, a new program of classes and workshops to satisfy your curiosity, whether on Greek mythology or how science fiction becomes science fact, or to teach you skills – like how to fake your way across a dance floor.


LISTEN > Curator Mark Feary on The Financial Report at Artspace


The Financial Report will launch at Artspace in Woolloomooloo on Wednesday 21st August at 6pm. It’s a group exhibition and includes a series of public talks curated by Mark Feary; examining the complexities of contemporary financial systems and how this impacts artists and their work.

Artists include Matthew Griffin, Melanie Gilligan, Denis Beaubois, Andrew Liversidge, Christian Jankowski, Dane Mitchell and Natalie Thomas; and the artworks have neen inspired and influenced by all sorts of aspects of the financial world: the Global Financial Crisis, art markets across the world, personal artist knowlege of finance amongst other things.


LISTEN > Droh Moreh – Director – The Gatekeepers

The Gatekeepers

Since its inception, the Israeli Film Festival has continued to grow and this year, it presents one of the strongest programs to date. Expanding to additional venues in Melbourne, Canberra and Byron Bay, the IFF is the only Australia-wide showcase for Israeli film and one of the standouts this year is The Gatekeepers, which is about the Six Day War and the role played by six former heads of Israeli’s secret intel security service.

The Gatekeepers has been nominated for an Academy Award and is one of the most talked about films/docos. Caitlin Gibson chats to director Droh Moreh about this extraordinary and controversial documentary.


LISTEN > DJ Spooky (aka Paul Miller) and Beth Ferguson on the Vanuatu Pacifica Foundation


[Photo via DJ Spooky on Twitter]

It’s art meets music with an enviro-consciousness, as Paul D. Miller – better known by his stage name DJ Spooky – and eco-designer Beth Ferguson of Sol Design Lab talk about the Vanuatu Pacifica Foundation: the new iniative they’re both involved in, which is all about sustainability and finding new ways to creatively tackle climate change.


LISTEN > Sara St Onge on her film Molly Maxwell

Featuring as part of the Possible Worlds Film Festival lineup, Molly Maxwell is a smart and funny coming-of-age drama written and directed by Sara St Onge. It’s essentially an impossible love story that shouldn’t really work out and you know it’s not right but it has been captured and told so beautifully that you can’t help but fall in love with it – the characters, the story and the film itself.

Andy, our producer, is a total sucker for these intelligent romantic indie flicks, which was why she was super, super excited to interview Sara.


LISTEN > Inside Underbelly Arts

Nothing To See Here

[Artists Catherine Ryan + Amy Spiers with their work "Nothing To See Here". Photo by Jess Scully.]

Over two weeks in late July, Sydney’s Cockatoo Island was transformed into an arts lab, with over 100 artists collaborating on 30 projects across the fascinating site. Producer Caitlin Gibson explored the lab and met some of the artists calling Cockatoo home.


LISTEN > Actor Meredith Penman on her silent role in Persona, now on at Belvoir

Persona production still by Ellis Parrinder

[Karen Sibbing and Meredith Penman. Persona production still by Ellis Parrinder.}

Persona is a play with lofty ambitions – a stage adaptation of a film by Swedish legend Ingmar Bergman. Last year, Adena Jacobs’ staging of Bergman’s film played in Melbourne to rave reviews – so successful it is now back, playing at Sydney’s Belvoir St Theatre.

Meredith Penman, star of Persona, joined us to talk about taking on the role of Elizabeth Vogler, a renowned actress who suddenly, mysteriously falls silent during a performance of Elektra. Persona is currently playing at Belvoir until 18 August


LISTEN > Joe Hildebrand on being a media star

In his own words, “Australia’s second biggest media whore”, multi-media cross-platform superstar Joe Hildebrand has written for the Daily Telegraph, given us TV shows that turn the lens in on Australia like Dumb, Drunk & Racist and Shitsville Express, and can often be found haunting the halls of the ABC, Channel 7, Network 10.

We’ve got him live via phone to talk (i.e. possibly spill) his top 10 tips on how to become a media star, which is part of the Storyology media conference program.


LISTEN > RAW launches in Sydney

[Artist Yu'kittenme at the launch of RAW. Photo by Andrea Huang.]

RAW is an indie arts organisation that provides a platform for ‘underground’ talent across art, music, fashion, photography, performance art, hair and makeup.

It started in the US and now operating in more than 50+ cities, RAW launched for the first time ever in Sydney! Producer Andy Huang attended the ELEVATION showcase last Saturday and spoke to RAW Australia’s exec. director Kristin Wehlow, as well as artists Libby Watkins, Mulga, Onur and Debra Drummond aka Yukitten’me.

RAW is currently in the process of scouting new talent for their next showcase TRANSLATIONS in September. So if you’re interested in becoming part of the RAW community, jump online and submit to


LISTEN > Director Liam Egan on taking on a classic in I Hate Hamlet

This week UTS Backstage is bringing I Hate Hamlet to the Darlinghurst Theatre, Potts Point. The performance follows Andrew Rally, a successful television actor who has been offered the highly coveted role of playing Hamlet in Central Park. At first glance Andrew appears to have it all: the starring role in a hit TV series, a rich and beautiful girlfriend, the perfect New York apartment and the chance to play Hamlet…but Andrew’s life isn’t as perfect as it seems. The combination of a cancelled TV series, his 23 year old girlfriend refusing to give up her virginity and the ghost of a Shakespearean actor, John Barrymore, taking over his life makes for a hilarious performance that is not to be missed.

Our producer Madeline Clouston interviewed I Hate Hamlet director, Liam Egan and principal actors Chris McKay and Alastair Wharton, about what it takes to produce a play which involves supreme comic timing, professional fencing and apparently… a curse.

I Hate Hamlet is being performed on the 3rd, 9th and 10th of August at the Darlinghurst Theatre. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at Prices vary: $5 for Backstage members, $10 concession and $20 for adults.


LISTEN > James Winter on the launch of Brand X (including a fiendish number of crochet penii)

Launch of Brand X, including a fiendish number of crochet penii.

We’ve known them as Queen Street Studios, or Fraser Studios, and now, reborn as Brand X, they’re going to keep contributing to the Sydney creative scene.

Brand X director James Winter joined us in the 2SER studio to talk about his latest initiative: creating a department store for local artists and creatives, giving six groups of six artists six months to create an immersive space. This space is part gallery, part workspace and part retail concept store. Artists will be able to sell their work on site as well as online.

LISTEN IN to the chat, and get down to 180b Campbell Street, Surry Hills, for the public launch on Friday August 9.

LISTEN > Tom Polo on uncertain portraiture

To the viewer, what’s really appealing and beautiful about Tom Polo’s art is his expressive use of colour and the energy and movement in his lines. Central to Tom Polo’s work are the themes of uncertainty and anxiety.

His new show Future Figurative (New Personas) just opened on Wednesday and is on now until 10 August at Gallery 9, Darlinghurst.


LISTEN > Meet the Kinema crew

Kinema is a twice-weekly film club co-founded by three friends Liam O’Donoghue, Jack Latimer and Rueben Holt. For cinephiles and film buffs alike, Kinema is a society/club/space (365 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt if you want to be exact) that screens a range of quirky gems that you may or may not have seen.

LISTEN > Interview with Dr Gene Sherman on Feel & Think at National Art School

This big & tall optical punking is by Japanese designers Anrealage. At the Feel & Think show at National Art School

[wideshortslimlong by ANREALAGE. Photo by Jess Scully.]

Dr Gene Sherman, founder of Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, has has a tremendous influence on Sydney’s art world. Her appreciation for Japanese fashion design has also been a boon for the city – first in her donation of a serious Japanese fashion collection to the Powerhouse Museum – and now in the form of Feel & Think, an exhibition of artworks by emerging Japanese designers, on show at the National Art School.

Presenter Jess Scully joined Gene on a walk through the gallery to explore the unique aesthetic and world-view of these kooky creatives.


LISTEN > Larry Boxhall on his doco on Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.42.04 PM

[From Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun - Facebook page]

How many times can you say “dick” on radio? If there’s a world record out there, we may have smashed it with this interview.

Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun is a Facebook page that has become a phenomenon: since launching in September 2012 it now has over 200,000 fans, and a documentary in production. Artists and absent-minded doodlers alike share their improvements on daily news photos, adding a very tongue in cheek form of commentary to the news.

We spoke to Larry Boxhall, director of the documentary, on his plans for telling this story of a little Facebook page that has managed to capture imaginations all over the world.