A particularly hypnotic corner by Dylan Martorell at Shebeen.

Last night. A particularly hypnotic corner by Dylan Martorell at Shebeen.

Tracy Sarroff, Congruo at ARC ONE Gallery, Melbourne

Tracy Sarroff, Congruo

Mike Hewson, Christchurch. If you’re in Sydney on Wed he is creating a mysterious moment at @alaskaprojects from 6pm…

Mike Hewson, King of ChCh. If you're in Sydney on Wed he is creating a mysterious moment at @alaskaprojects from 6pm...

Mike Hewson, Christchurch

More mind-bending from Mike Hewson



David Harley, File_Lbb, 2011-13

Me today aka David Harley, File_Lbb, 2011-13

David Harley, File_Lbb, 2011-13

LISTEN > Curator Mark Feary on The Financial Report at Artspace


The Financial Report will launch at Artspace in Woolloomooloo on Wednesday 21st August at 6pm. It’s a group exhibition and includes a series of public talks curated by Mark Feary; examining the complexities of contemporary financial systems and how this impacts artists and their work.

Artists include Matthew Griffin, Melanie Gilligan, Denis Beaubois, Andrew Liversidge, Christian Jankowski, Dane Mitchell and Natalie Thomas; and the artworks have neen inspired and influenced by all sorts of aspects of the financial world: the Global Financial Crisis, art markets across the world, personal artist knowlege of finance amongst other things.


LISTEN > Droh Moreh – Director – The Gatekeepers

The Gatekeepers

Since its inception, the Israeli Film Festival has continued to grow and this year, it presents one of the strongest programs to date. Expanding to additional venues in Melbourne, Canberra and Byron Bay, the IFF is the only Australia-wide showcase for Israeli film and one of the standouts this year is The Gatekeepers, which is about the Six Day War and the role played by six former heads of Israeli’s secret intel security service.

The Gatekeepers has been nominated for an Academy Award and is one of the most talked about films/docos. Caitlin Gibson chats to director Droh Moreh about this extraordinary and controversial documentary.


LISTEN > DJ Spooky (aka Paul Miller) and Beth Ferguson on the Vanuatu Pacifica Foundation


[Photo via DJ Spooky on Twitter]

It’s art meets music with an enviro-consciousness, as Paul D. Miller – better known by his stage name DJ Spooky – and eco-designer Beth Ferguson of Sol Design Lab talk about the Vanuatu Pacifica Foundation: the new iniative they’re both involved in, which is all about sustainability and finding new ways to creatively tackle climate change.


LISTEN > Inside Underbelly Arts

Nothing To See Here

[Artists Catherine Ryan + Amy Spiers with their work "Nothing To See Here". Photo by Jess Scully.]

Over two weeks in late July, Sydney’s Cockatoo Island was transformed into an arts lab, with over 100 artists collaborating on 30 projects across the fascinating site. Producer Caitlin Gibson explored the lab and met some of the artists calling Cockatoo home.


Rolling the dice at the Zingen party (Underbelly Arts)

#art #truth

The Artworkers (Underbelly Arts)


LISTEN > Curator Deborah Edwards on Sydney Moderns: Art For A New World

Sydney in the period of 1920s and 1930s was undergoing rapid and dramatic transformation. This was a time artists took bold risks and experimented with their craft – colour, light, lines – to express a response to the changing times and city around them.

Currently at the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney Moderns is an exhibition representing one of the most innovative and creative periods in both art and history.

Jess caught up with Deborah Edwards, senior curator of Australian Art at the Art Gallery of NSW, to talk about the Sydney Moderns exhibition which Deborah has handpicked. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST.

LISTEN > Tom Polo on uncertain portraiture

To the viewer, what’s really appealing and beautiful about Tom Polo’s art is his expressive use of colour and the energy and movement in his lines. Central to Tom Polo’s work are the themes of uncertainty and anxiety.

His new show Future Figurative (New Personas) just opened on Wednesday and is on now until 10 August at Gallery 9, Darlinghurst.


LISTEN > Interview with Dr Gene Sherman on Feel & Think at National Art School

This big & tall optical punking is by Japanese designers Anrealage. At the Feel & Think show at National Art School

[wideshortslimlong by ANREALAGE. Photo by Jess Scully.]

Dr Gene Sherman, founder of Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, has has a tremendous influence on Sydney’s art world. Her appreciation for Japanese fashion design has also been a boon for the city – first in her donation of a serious Japanese fashion collection to the Powerhouse Museum – and now in the form of Feel & Think, an exhibition of artworks by emerging Japanese designers, on show at the National Art School.

Presenter Jess Scully joined Gene on a walk through the gallery to explore the unique aesthetic and world-view of these kooky creatives.


Larry Clark at CO

Larry Clark at CO by sohotrightnow

Larry Clark at CO, a photo by sohotrightnow on Flickr.

Diane Arbus at Martin-Gropius-Bau


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